UNIPORT Undergraduates School Fees For All Departments/Faculties (Freshers & Returning Students)

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  • 2017 Updated List of UNIPORT School Fees For All Departments & Courses (Freshers & Returning Students)

I promised i was going to make available the school fees of the University of Portharcourt as soon as i get hold of it. For those seeking to gain admission into the UNIPORT, here are the various school fees details for the various departments for Undergraduates.Year one school fees is not always constant, always check for re-adjustments.

Within the shortest time-frame, i will be making updates on the full list of school fees for Masters and phd students.

Uniport School Fees By Faculties/Department (Freshers):


— Crop and Soil Science

— Animal Science and Fishery

— Agriculture Economics and Extension

— Forestry and Wild Life management

— Fisheries

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N88,000 – N95,000


— Medicine and Surgery

— Nursing

— Human Anatomy

— Human Physiology

School Fees speculation:  N88,750 – N95,000


— Dentistry and Dental Surgery

School Fees Speculation: Unavailable


— Human Kinetics and Health Education

— Adult & Non- Formal Education

— Educational Foundations

— Educational Psychology

— Educational Management and Planning

— Curriculum Studies Educational Technology

— Library and Information Science

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N88,000 – N94,500


— Electrical Engineering

— Mechanical Engineering

— Civil Engineering

— Petroleum Engineering

— Gas Engineering

— Electronics and Computer Engineering

— Environmental Engineering

— Chemical Engineering

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N90,000 – N93,000


— Music

—  Theatre Arts

— English Studies

— Foreign language and Literature

— History and Diplomatic studies

— Linguistics and Communication studies

— Philosophy

— Religious and Cultural Studies

— Fine Arts and Design

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N85,450 – N92,000


— Public Law and Private Law

School fees speculation: Unavailable


— Accounting

— Finance & Banking

— Management

— Marketing

— Hospitality Management and Tourism

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N88,650 – N90,000


— Pharmacy

School fees speculation: Unavailable


— Physics

— Biochemistry

— Plant Science & Biotechnology

— Animal and Environmental Biology

— Microbiology

— Geology

— Computer Science

— Mathematics And Statistic

— Pure And Industrial Chemistry

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N95,350 – N98,000


— Economics

— Sociology

— Political and Administrative Studies

— Geography and Environmental Management

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N88,000 – N95,000


— Physics With Electronic Technology

— Physics With Production Technology

— Biomedical Technology

— Biochemistry and Chemistry technology

— Microbiology Technology

— Geology and Mining Technology

— Industrial Chemistry and Petroleum Technology

— General Techniques and Instrumentation

— Herbarium Techniques and Management

— Microbial Culture Management

— Material Science and Electrical Instrumentation

— Safety and Environmental Techniques

School fees speculation: Unavailable

You can learn how to check the current school fees of your department HERE

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